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The Pond Renovation Project of Winter 2013-2014 - (See Below)

The Japanese Garden Sustainability Committee

was established early in 2012 to study issues concerning the future of the Seattle Japanese Garden with regard to its physical maintenance as well as its ability to become economically self sustaining.  The committee consisted of 2 members each from the several Japanese Garden support groups:  the Japanese Garden Advisory Council, Arboretum Unit 86 and the Japanese Garden Society of Seattle.

The findings of the committee focused on two areas:

1) the physical condition of the garden and a prioritized list of proposed maintenance projects
2) a commissioned study to recommend the most efficient and effective operating model for the garden going forward.

The first phase of the Sustainability Committee was completed in October of 2012.  The second phase was completed in May of 2014, when Consult Econ, a Boston consulting firm, issued its final report: a comparative study of other Japanese Gardens around the US and a strong recommendation that a Non-Profit operating model has the "best potential" benefits for Seattle's Japanese Garden going forward.

The Pond Renovation Project of Winter 2013-2014

was jointly funded by the Japanese Garden Society, the Japanese Garden Advisory Council and Seattle Parks & Recreation and completed by Turnstone Construction during the annual winter closing of the garden.